Tuesday, March 6, 2012

today, dresses, fischer and baby.

Today is going to be a doozy.  It’s filled with wonderful things, but it’s FULL!  I have until 10:30 and then I have 10 (not kidding)  places to be between then and 3:00.  Some are quick drop-offs and some are longer appointments, but it will be constant runnning.  Then we have little friends coming here for an hour before we go again at 4:15- to music straight to soccer practice and then to baseball.  Why does the world think everything needs to happen on Tuesday?!  I am fueling my body as I type because who knows the next chance I’ll get today!

Linny is getting married in one month!!  Actually, one month from yesterday.  I am very excited, but this means I need a dress pronto!  I ordered a few to try, and they are all going back.  Today I ordered round two and let’s pray one of them works!  Even Senny’s dress was too short, so we’re trying again on that one too.  But, the boys have pants, that is good news!  Well, it’s good if neither of them grow one millimeter between now and april 5. 

Fischer just hangs out and watches the excitement around here.  Sometimes he jumps in and has some fun- he is being a very good boy lately.  He likes to be spoiled and is learning quickly which behaviors get him what he wants.  Nipping at my hand is not one of them!  Sitting quietly outside the door until I tell him he can come in is, and he has mastered that.  This puppy has been a good preview of what Seneca might be like with a baby.  Fisch gets lots of love from Senny.  Lots.  The term, “goochie, goochie” comes out of her mouth in a little baby voice often.  Drives me a little crazy, but I’m glad she likes her dog.  Hope she likes her baby just as much! 

Speaking of which, we just might find out what this little peanut is this week.  Any guesses?  I’ve got mixed opinions in this house.  The little thing is kicking up a storm lately which is fun for me. 

There is more to report but it will have to wait.  Fischer is calling, as are my clothes that need to be put on before I run out the door and never come home until bedtime.  Ciao! 


kimmalee said...

I hope you find a dress you feel pretty in! Getting dressed while pregnant...not as much fun.
I'm excited to hear what you're having! I'm gonna guess a girl. Good luck today!

Emily said...

I saw all your dress pinning on Pinterest! Good luck, finding a dress can be such a challenge sometimes.

In my world it's Wednesdays. Every activity, lesson, practice, etc, maybe we could swap a few things out and balance out our days. Sometimes I like it though, get it all done so we can just be where we want on the other days.

Treona said...

Holy guacamole! I came by to get some updates on your life these days and am loving the news of another baby on the way! Congrats, that is awesome. Your life in AZ continues to amaze me with all that you do!

Kristi said...

Hold on tight for your roller coaster! Sounds like fun, though. My guess is a little girl - maybe just to even things out. :)