Friday, March 23, 2012

Yesterday I had fantastic visits with the sisters I visit teach.  They are wise and insightful and I was grateful that Beckham played happily and quietly during long visits.  I know that I am supposed to take the wisdom when I teach but I always come away feeling filled and uplifted.  One of those conversations continued today at the park and I am grateful to be surrounded by women of strength who know what they want for their families and are willing to do what it takes even if it is not popular or mainstream. 

Then I came home to my own visiting teacher who is also delightful and honest.  I look forward to her visiting each month, knowing it is a visit from a good friend that I would not otherwise have time to chat with during my week.  She went over the top, however, when she left with my children allowing me a perfectly quiet house to take a nap.  That, my friends, is a good visiting teacher. 

Fischer came with us to the park this morning.  He got a lot of love from a lot of children but jumping around tethered to a light pole sure wears a puppy out. 

Seneca read me "the rules” in the car.  They consisted of things like:

-no driving Speed.

-no accidents.

-no going to a friend’s house when you are supposed to be going somewhere else.

-no hitting trees, rocks, wood, dirt or houses.

and the music must be to her approval.

The kids were giving each other challenges in the car on the way home today.  I was filling Dutch with gas so I missed the beginning of the game, but I think Seneca was telling the boys what to do- things like juggling various objects, or make things disappear.  At one point Beckham got mad at Cooper for some reason or another and I heard him say, “Can you disappear yourself?”  He was serious.  I tried not to laugh out loud.

I have intended to make cookies all week and now it’s Friday.  I told Coop I’d make cookies if he made dinner.  He made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches and I have cookie dough.  Sometimes I am so brilliant.

It is shorts and bare feet weather this week.  Please last forever.


Marie said...

Love the blog makeover! Super cute. Hope you're feeling good. I miss seeing you at the gym. How do your kiddos know how to make dinner? That is fabulous!

Tutz said...

Cute Blog! Harrie started to read me the rules when she was four, too. If Senny is following Aunt Harrie, your in for YEARS of new rules. Good Luck!