Wednesday, April 25, 2012

so much good.

I am surrounded by amazing. 

Saturday the world lost a great woman in Grandma Jeanne.  She was the mother Denten’s mother, Dianna, went to live with when she was part of the church’s Indian Placement Program many years ago.  The impact her family had on Dianna was profound and the relationship between them was close enough that Denten has always called her Grandma and therefore we have considered her such.  She found out a while ago that her body was battling cancer.  She quietly decided that she was going to pass on any available treatment options and be content with the life she was dealt.  Many were upset with this decision but I figure who are we to question that kind of decision.  Grandma let a full and productive live, influencing many lives through her music and her consistently positive outlook.  She has a large and impressive posterity and this weekend will be a quick trip to southern Utah to celebrate her life with many fun aunts, uncles and cousins.

On the way to swimming today, my littles in the backseat were gearing up.  “I am a great swimmer.  I use big slicing arms.  I have strong kicks.  I keep my face in the water and breathe to the side.  I have fun when I swim.  Miss Sarah is a great teacher.  I am brave.  I love to swim.”  They created the lesson and it came to pass.  They all did awesome.  Cooper is preparing for swim team and the others are remembering what it feels like to be confident in the water, laugh their heads off and try not to drown each other while they race to the other side. 

This afternoon Beckham and I finished our lego helicopter.  Cooper has been building the past few days and therefore Bex has had an interest as well.  I admit dread when I continue to be asked to create something with legos but I actually had a great time with Beckham today.  I felt crazy satisfaction when we actually found each piece needed, seeing as there seem to be hundreds to sift through and the pieces are so tiny.  He was happy as could be to help me find the right ones and then put them in the right place.  He was patient and excited and loved the finished product.  I suppose we should do that more often.  Perhaps lego organization would help me embrace that activity on a more regular basis. 

Tonight I laid in bed with Seneca as she went through her reading paper and new book with me.  She is amazing.  She loves to read and is excited to sound new words out and while I am not ready for her to enter the kindergarten world, it appears she is fully ready to embrace that experience.  Beckham wants to read whatever Senny is reading and lays in bed sounding out his own words in books that she is done with.  Then he tip-toes in and lays on her bed to listen to her read the latest.  I can hear his little whispers sounding things out right along with her.  The poor kid has another full year before kindergarten and is already ready to roll!  He is especially proud of his sight word memorization and will point them out wherever he sees them.  Then I moved into Coop’s room and we did math flashcards.  It is fun to see his little brain work and try to be fast and right at the same time.  I just laid with them tonight amazed at these awesome kids that are mine.

The baby girl growing inside my tummy is alive and well.  I think she has a dance party in there on a regular basis and considering she’s probably not two pounds yet, I’m in major trouble as she gets stronger.  She seriously is trying to kick her way out sometimes.  She knows it’s a boatload of fun around here and wants to be a part of things! 

And finally, if you need a little more amazing, check out Katelyn’s latest adventure.  It’s sure to be a wild ride and I am completely thrilled for them!  Maybe a tiny bit jealous for the adventure they have ahead, but mostly just happy that one of her dreams is coming true in such a perfect way. 

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Jess said...

1. We lost Dave's grandpa to cancer last week. We are sad, but at the same time he was so ready to go. He had had a great life, and he was tired and ready to move on. So we understand. I hope you have a nice trip to celebrate her life.
2. We went to visit Emma's elementary school for next fall and she wanted to start the next day. I think Emma and Senny would be great friends.