Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lots of celebrating.

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This is Seneca, dressed up as an African.  She celebrated the end of the African Savannah unit at school with a fun program in which I learned many things about african animals and heard a song where the kids names all of the countries in Africa.  That’s impressive.  And she was cute.

photo (14)

The Robinson Family at Grandma Jeannie’s funeral in Paragonah.  When the kids asked where we were going for the weekend, we told them we were going to Utah to celebrate grandma’s life with lots of fun cousins.  That’s exactly what it was… amazing stories, unbelievable music and gratitude for a remarkable legacy left behind.  and there were balloons!  see?  a celebration!

(does my husband look like some sort of government agent in this photo?)

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Last night Cooper and Seneca had their Let’s Play Music recital.  Cooper performed his own composition and did awesome.  Senny sang with her class and played the bells, showing off all she has learned in her first year.  We are grateful we found Miss Cindy- she is awesome.

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Cooper, Zachary, Calvin and Jacob,.. the fun boys Cooper has spent the last two years with.

Gram and Grandpa come tomorrow… more fun times ahead!


Scrap Happy said...

Love Senny's dress, and yes, Denten could pass for secret service, lol

Tamra said...

His own composition? Impressive! You have a beautiful family.

Tiffany Ann said...

She looks perfect in her African outfit! And her dress at the die for! My only complaint...I cant see your cute pregnant belly :( More pregnant posts please :)