Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Update

I have not recorded much about this little lady growing in me, so if this is not the sort of post that interests you, I’m ok with that.  I’ll never know!

I am almost 32 weeks and as I watch my crazies jump around this house, I’m certain that this new little one will fit right in.  She moves all. the. time.  Really.  and she’s strong.  She has started pushing out in opposite directions at the same time and sometimes I think she’s going to pop right through.  An ultrasound and dr. visit today confirmed that the placenta previa is still in place, which isn’t great but I’m not feeling concerned about it.  This baby has moved into a better position with her head down and she appears to be big enough to be stuck there now which may be why she’s taken to kick-boxing rather than cartwheels.  She also does a lot of yoga and pilates stretches.  I figure she arranged to have the placenta there so she’d have a little pillow to rest on.  She’s no dummy.

I have had contractions much earlier with this baby than with the others, which I hear is normal.  The past 2-3 weeks I have had a few that are pretty legitimate.  I feel them in my lower back and they make me stop and take deep breaths for a minute.  I’d guess she’s ready to be freed but she’s only about 3 pounds 12 ounces and she needs to get a little bigger first!  My doctor would like us to hang in there for six more weeks.  Sounds reasonable but I honestly can’t imagine how there’s room in there for her to double her current size.  I just can’t stretch that big!  I already feel enormous and awkward and that shouldn’t come until the end! 

My cute ultrasound tech always tries to capture pics of her face and today we saw her smiling.  Technology like that amazes me.  I only wish she would have had her name written in there somewhere so I would know what to call her!  My blood pressure is normal, I haven’t had any water retention or swelling and my weight gain seems to be on track, whatever that means.  I didn’t gain any weight between my last appointment and today which totally surprised me because I feel so much bigger. 

I have been grateful for:

- and easy-going husband who is capable and doesn’t complain about fending for himself

- children who can entertain and take care of themselves when I can’t move for a minute

- the opportunity to rest often

- the joe’s crops katelyn sent.  they have the stretchiest tummy panel and make me feel not so frumpy when I need to put on real clothes and go out into the world

- the fact that despite all predictions that I’d be bleeding, spotting or have some other good reason to be on bed rest by this point I am feeling great and capable of keeping up with my family.  or perhaps they are slowing down for me, but either way I am still fully functioning and that is something to count among blessings.

- a darling young woman in my ward who has made me one of her personal progress goals.  she has asked to watch the kids for a total of 10 hours on different occasions to fulfill a service requirement.  my kids love her and she is willing to take them whenever I need a hand, either before or after this baby is born.  she was so sweet to think of me and I appreciate it so much!

The planner in me doesn’t like that so many summer plans are on hold or waiting for commitments, but this baby has proved to have her own timeline from the beginning and I surrender to it!  I suppose, however, that I should start getting prepared for her arrival.  Somehow having a place for a baby to sleep and clothes for them to wear seemed much higher on the priority list with earlier babies than this time around… I recall having more for Seneca to wear as a baby than I actually have and the crib hasn’t even thought about being set up yet.  I also recall being a much more uptight mother then than I am now… perhaps that’s a good thing??  (yes, sister.  I have relaxed.  believe it or not.)

Okay lady, just let me know what your name is and we’ll be set!


kimmalee said...

Oh I'm glad this pregnancy hasn't been too awful with everything else you've had to keep up with. I hope the last weeks go as smoothly as the last weeks of a pregnancy can. Good luck with the name selection. That was so hard for me this time around. Were your other kiddos names easier to come by?
And it's interesting to hear that Bex has a meltdown phase. He seems like pure sunshine. I don't think I'd mind Finn being like him.
Sure love you.

Krista Hegstrom said...

I'm glad it's going well! Can't wait to see pictures of her cuteness. I wasnt able to name my girls either until I saw them for a day or two- what do you do?

Debi said...

If you think you can't get any bigger you better look at Katelyn's picture before Bode was born. That didn't even look physically possible but Bode made it out alive. I'm sure this little sister will be adorable and be so loved by her older siblings. I hope she stays in long enough to at least double her size so you don't have any preemee scares. Love you! A. Deb

Tiffany Ann said...

Yay, I am so happy I was hoping you would do a pregnancy post! I am glad you and your baby are both healthy, and I know for certain you will come up with the best baby name ever just like your other kids! You never cease to amaze me in any department. Plus, you may feel huge, but judging by your pics, you are a tiny gorgeous gal!Cant wait to see her cute pics wehen she arrives! :)

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