Wednesday, May 30, 2012


photo (35)

I can’t handle it.  When did Five happen?? 

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On her birthday, she opened some presents after her specially requested birthday pancakes, and then she and the boys were off to California for the weekend.  Denten so kindly evacuated the premises so my girlfriends could come take over the Homestead for a reunion. 

photo (36)photo (37)

She had her birthday dinner and cake with her brothers and cousins in Vista. 

photo (38)

photo (34)coop

They enjoyed Legoland and the beach… I’m pretty sure I wasn’t missed and that they had a great time!

photo (32)

I tried telling her that she could still have a birthday and instead of moving up to five, she could just go back to three… she didn’t go for it.  She’s strong, stubborn, sassy and sweet and a little smarty-pants to boot.  She’s both exasperating and delightful and she’s right where she belongs, although she needs to slow it down a whole lot for her mama’s sake.  Happy Birthday, Senny… you’re my favorite girl.  For at least a few more weeks. 

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Just the THREE of us said...

i love the picture of senny in her swimsuit! also the kids look super cute in front of legoland!