Tuesday, May 15, 2012

updates at the homestead.

We have officially hit the third trimester and I am suddenly feeling very pregnant.  You know, huge and waddly.  I’ll give this little lady props though, she is one active little body.  She is throwing a party in there nonstop.  Honestly.  Perhaps I wished this saying that my favorite  part of being pregnant is feeling the baby move because she seriously does jumping jacks in there. We have tossed around a few ideas concerning her name but it would be nice if she just came with it written on her forehead or something so I didn’t have to guess which one is right.

Cooper has had a few girls show interest in him at school lately and I am not ready for anything that that entails.  Two have called our house.  He’s in first grade.  After another little incident at school last week, I was very grateful that the school year is almost over and I can have him home again!  He has spent time on the piano this week learning primary songs- it is fun to hear him play things I recognize.  He wraps up his baseball season this week and has a week off before swim team starts.

Beckham was beyond thrilled to go camping with his dad and brother last weekend.  He kept saying, “this is my first campout and it is going to be great!”  The highlight was the high priests shooting a bowling ball out of a cannon and blasting a 50-gallon drum in the air.  I have no idea why these things happen, but apparently gun powder is tradition at ward campouts?  They also got to eat s’mores.  A tent, blowing stuff up and s’mores?  It was perfect.


Seneca was not thrilled to be left out, so we planned a Girls Date.  It seemed to do the trick. 

photo (27)

Before the boys got home Saturday morning, I thought I was brilliant and told Senny she was going to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.  It took some negotiating, but she was finally willing.  Until I realized that I’m 7 months pregnant and trying to keep up with her running down the street was perfectly ridiculous.  Luckily Dad pulled in just then and finished the job.  And the Bex hopped on and he was off and riding in no time.  Wahoo!  No more training wheels… because you can’t be an Ironman until you get rid of them, you know. 

photo (29)photo (28)

Only 7 more days of school… yipee!  The pool is ready, our summer learning time projects are underway and I hope I can find enough books to keep up with these crazies.  Bring on summer!!


Katelyn & Wade said...

I probably would have given my left to watch you run a long side Seneca getting her to ride a bike. Classic!

Tutz said...

High Priest blowing up a 50 gal. drum? Hmmm. How old are they? Our HPs couldn't stay awake long enough to pull that off.

So proud of Senny and Beckham. No training wheels! Yeah!

Emily said...

Hey, just because I can't ever blog doesn't mean you are allowed to take a hiatus! :)