Monday, June 4, 2012

notes from the day

the kids spent hours yesterday and today creating cities out of blocks and dinosaurs and forts out of blankets and tables.  when they play so great together and are using their little imaginations, I don’t want anything in the world to interrupt them.

during learning time, beckham flew through everything I had prepared for him today.  it’s like he’s so hungry for more all the time, I can’t keep up with him.  he’s been working on memorizing his (my) phone number and has been singing it all afternoon.

we have reinstituted quiet time in the afternoons around here.  I wondered if they’d put up a fight considering we were not in the habit of doing that during the school year, but they will each spend a good amount of time in their rooms with their books.  it’s a good break for everyone and I love that they are reading so much. 

speaking of which, I finished the second book in the Maze Runner series today, The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner.  If you liked hunger games, check them out.  some people have bizarre minds. 

I have been having major contractions lately- I feel like they either need to get me closer to having a baby or stop for a while and considering it’s not quite time to have a baby yet, they may need to relax a little! 

I love that sprinklers are so entertaining.  they do not require the watchful eye quite like swimming does, but still provide lovely wet activity that wears them right out.   

yesterday we played Sorry! after church.  I won.  then beckham took pictures of me because I can do cool tricks that no one else can do, like balance a cup on my tummy.  he tried.  and failed. 

photo (40)   photo (39)

then we played the flour game after FHE.  I’m sure it has another name but I don’t know what it is.  Put a dime at the bottom of a cup, pack it with flour, carefully dump the flour mold on a flat plate and place on a flat surface.  Take a knife and take turns slicing down the flour until it becomes so unsteady that it topples over.  Whoever dumps the dime has to pull it out of the flour with their teeth.  My dad introduced this to the kids a few weeks ago- we used to play it when we were little- so we taught it to Dent last night.  Seneca severely compromised the tower with one of her slices and I ended up dumping it.  after digging for a minute (disgusting), cooper offered to save me.  I let him.  warning:  this game can get intense and may cause tears.  it’s also hilarious.  in the first pic coop was so nervous he couldn’t watch. 

photo (41)

it was a good day.


Krista Hegstrom said...

LOVE the flour game - it's always a hit! You look darling - can't wait to meet that cute little girl hiding out in there.

The Silly Witch said...

Thank you for sharing these notes, especially the flour game. I love intense games and will introduce it to the kids soon.

marie said...

My kids would love the flour game, I'm totally gonna steal that! You look so cute! Love the cup balancing act! I'm super jealous that your sweet children are playing so nicely together. My boys are trying to kill each other and it's only the 2nd week of summer. We're in big trouble!

Cathy said...

My slumber parties growing up would've been SO boring without the flour game. It's a fun game. I'm getting excited for your new baby. Hope you are doing OK - the last trimester isn't so fun.

Katelyn & Wade said...

and in the 2nd and 3rd picture, there is a shark eating Bex's foot.

Balancing stuff on your belly... It is a blessing to be able to have children, but I do not love when my stomach is large enough to put a plate on and eat dinner off of. Yes, it's been done.

Annie said...

Are you freaking kidding me with that cute belly? I'm such a troll by the time I'm that far along. You look absolutely amazing!