Sunday, June 10, 2012

the week through insta

It’s summertime!

photo (44)

We ate chocolate shakes.  With our goggles on.

photo (45)

We had fun friends come swimming a few different times this week.  A good day is a few hours of fun in the sun that result in tired, happy kids.  I have learned two important things:  one, I am very good in a lounge chair.  two, when that gets a little warm, I am weightless in the water!  A fantastic feeling these days.

photo (47)

Cooper had his first swim meet of the season Thursday evening. 

photo (46)

He got fourth in his individual race and was the anchor leg of his relay team that won first.

photo (43)

They have been creative in filling their down time… they pulled each other around the family room on the skim board pretending they were behind the boat at McCall. 

photo (42)

We played Qwirkle after church today while Dad went home teaching.  Then I got a nap and ate dinner that I didn’t make.  Sundays are delightful.

This next week is a busy one, filled with lots of fun things to keep us occupied.  I wish it was summer all the time!


Lindsay said...

Uh... You live in Arizona. It IS summer ALL the time!

Debi said...

Well, that is true. Except 120 degrees in the summer is a little too hot for me. I am so impressed that three young children will sit at the table and play all together. They will be lots of help with their new baby sister.

Annika said...

I completely agree!