Saturday, July 28, 2012

my new reality

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The title of this post is quite inaccurate seeing as I don’t really know my new reality yet.  For the past three weeks we have had some sort of grandparent on board and heaven help us, it ends today.

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Denten’s parents left today and there aren’t enough ways to say thank you for all that they and my mom did while they were here.  Laundry was consistently taken care of, I didn’t worry about feeding anyone but myself and Stella, and the kids have been occupied with multiple fun field trips and activities.  Beckham asked me a few days ago what fun thing they were going to do today.  He has come to expect a super fun outing daily and is in for a rude awakening now that I’m back in the saddle.  Multiple museum trips, swimming, out to eat, movies, baseball games, the gymnastics gym… it’s been the best stay-cation they could have imagined!  and I’ve been spoiled as well… If I wanted to go run errands without any little people, I could.  If I wanted to feed Stella at 6 a.m. then climb back into bed for another couple of hours, I did.  If I wanted to nap for two hours while my littles were out gallivanting with grandparents, I could.  Slap!  Reality is back! 

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Assuming Stella decides to sleep now and then, we should be ok around here.  She had a few days working through some tummy issues and I’m grateful that our oils helped today and she seems much happier.  Sometimes I get the idea in my head that I’m the mom and she gently reminds me that she was conceived in her own time.  She called the shots when she arrived and she is still the one running the show.  If that means that I simply need to sit and hold this sweet baby, so be it.  If it means that we pace the bedroom at 2:30 a.m., then I try to remember that I probably won’t do this again and these are moments to savor and enjoy rather than get frustrated about.  She is already growing and changing and I don’t know how to stop it!

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As for the Mister of the family?  Well, he spent the beginning of the week in Supai taking care of business and then jetted off to San Francisco for a partner retreat.  He’s due home tonight and we might see him for one whole day before work consumes him once again.  Maybe Stella can convince him to stick around… she seems to have the most pull around here these days. 

So, as you kneel down tonight and have your chat with Heaven, throw a few thoughts up for me- both my sanity and my schedule and my yet-to-be-found ability to manage and navigate life with four little crazies. 

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bryn said...

She is darling, darling, darling. If anyone can handle this new addition, you can. Congratulations!

Debi said...

Amberly you will be great! I'm so overjoyed for you! Every one of your kids is a miracle. How can life get better than that.

kimmalee said...

She looks so different already, but still so tiny. What a beautiful little baby Stella is. Well done, Amberly! You'll absolutely be in my prayers tonight. The day when momma leaves is the worst. It's so nice to be taken care of and know that your littles are completely happy and entertained. You'll be great though. You can handle anything.

Alyosha said...

CUTE baby! She looks just like her brothers. Good luck during this next transition!

Amber said...

Adorable! Now I want another one. She's so precious.

Partridge Family said...

She is GORGEOUS! Congratulations. Your blog always strengthens me. Being a Mom is a tough, tough job. Keep up the good work. I'll be sending some prayers up to Heaven for you!

Katelyn & Wade said...

She is perfection and so is Seneca's outfit.

Lonica said...

Amberly, I'm a bit behind the times (I have something like 380 unread blog posts in my reader just now) and have been out of town the past week so I'm rather out of touch, but I'm wondering how your reality is going? I know it took me a long time to feel like life had returned to some level of new "normal" after Lucy's arrival. Will you take me up on my dinner offer now? It's still good if you're interested... Don't feel like you have to do everything right at the beginning, feel free to give yourself a break, if needed. Know that I'm here to give you that break! :0)