Tuesday, July 31, 2012

olympics, a wedding and Stella

The pommel horse is a curious apparatus.  I am tempted to question the point of the activity but do not want to sound disrespectful.  The strength required is unreal. 

I do not like that I must stay away from any sort of news feed if I want to be surprised when I watch the Olympics in the evening.  The time difference and the fact that we don’t see events live could be frustrating.  Good thing I’m too busy with other things to be frustrated by this.  But I do like the suspense of a good swimming showdown and seeing the results earlier in the day is a bummer. 

My brother is getting married… in 2.5 weeks.  Yes, I need to throw a wedding wardrobe together for 6 people in a few short days.  I think it is notable that my sister gets hitched while I’m pregnant and Boogs chooses to do it when I’m still very post-baby… this does not make clothes shopping especially enjoyable.  Good thing I have fun little people to dress or it might not be fun at all! 

School starts next week.  Are we ready for that?  I’m wavering. 

Stella is 4 weeks old today.  My due date was July 28- she’d be 3 days old.  I’m certainly glad I did not experience the entire month of July pregnant, but four weeks flew by way, way too fast.  Good grief, Beckham’s four years flew by way too fast.  I am not ok with any of that.  But I do love little Stella.  So much.  She’s losing her tininess which I do not like, but her cheeks are getting increasingly more kissable. 

stella 4 weeks

Will someone please come put my children to bed?  It sounds like a zoo back there and I’m gearing up to face it… take a deep breath… go!

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