Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

we had a good summer.  we did not vacation as we usually do, but we spent a lot of time in the pool and we got a new sister… not bad for a summer. 

we tanned our little bodies… and have cute little white buns.

photo (9)

this kid is in 2nd grade this year and has both a great teacher and fun friends in his class. he works hard and has already established a reputation with his teacher as being responsible.  I am grateful that it is easy for him to follow rules and have a great time at school.

photo (10)

this little miss is in kindergarten.  I swear we just brought her home- how she is old enough for this I’ll never know.  she is proud that she is five and proud that she is in kindergarten and there was very little hesitation on her part to jump right in.  she has a darling teacher who will be great for her this year.  she climbed in the car the second day of school and said, “mom, I got in trouble.”  no remorse, just very matter-of-fact.  great.  what for?  “I wasn’t listening.”  ok.  so this kid is going to be different from the first.  “I didn’t get a 10-minute time out, I only got a 5-minute time out.”  super, senny.  she has been great since… hopefully she can learn to enjoy following the rules too.

photo (11)photo (13)

I’ll be honest and say that my anxiety about her going to school is eased greatly by the fact that her brother is there also.  he gets her where she needs to be because while friends and classroom activity will be awesome for her, I had a hard time thinking about her navigating that campus by herself.  but off they go every morning, leaving beckham, stella and I to fend for ourselves. 

photo (12)

photo (8)

dragon pride! 


Steph said...

Wow they grow up so fast. Beautiful kids Amberly. :)

Annika said...

Love the white bums! That is my favorite part of summer bath time. ;-)

Seneca rocks!

The Hunt's said...

AND he's one of the top guys.