Sunday, August 12, 2012

missing: my mind. reward offered.

It appears as if I have lost my mind.

Dutch’s alternator went out last week.  Luckily Stella and I weren’t far from home when the car quit and we were able to get into air conditioning before she melted completely.  I came home and called the dealership, explained the issue and agreed that we would bring it in that evening.  I spoke to Robert, by the way.  Denten came home and headed to the dealership with the car.  It quit on the way but was fortunately just around the corner from Big O, so he got it there are arranged for them to take care of the repairs.  We picked him up, arranged for a rental car and all was well for now.  The next day we agreed that I would keep the rental car and Denten would take Suby.  Even though this was discussed clearly, I could not wrap my head around the arrangement and kept planning my day around the fact that I would be driving Suby.  I knew I would need a lot of cargo space for a few errands and mentioned that it was good Suby had such- Denten looked at me crazy and reminded me that I would not have that car.  Oh yeah, well hopefully a trunk would be sufficient.  Then I handed him the wrong keys.  Then later I loaded up my bags and child in the wrong car.  Good grief.  This was not the worst of it.

Denten went to work, I got my errands done and when we heard that Dutch was finished, I loaded four children illegally into the rental car and then headed to the dealership to pick up Dutch.  Yes, the dealership.  Where the car wasn’t.  When we arrived I went into the service desk and told them I was there to pick up the Suburban for Robinson.  The clerk looked through her paperwork and couldn’t find any for me.  I told her I had talked with Robert.  I had, remember?  So she calls Robert in from the shop and I tell him who I am and that I’m here for my car.  “I didn’t get that car.”  Funny, Robert.  I really need my car, I have four kids outside waiting for me.  Turns out he’s serious.  He never received my car and now the office is all panicky that they have lost my paperwork, keys and actual vehicle.  I explain that they had done alternator and battery work, trying to stir their memories until it hits me smack in the face that the car is not in fact here, but back up at Big O.  Holy crap.  I’m standing there with all these people trying to find my car and wonder how the heck I’m going to get out of there.  “Uh, Let me go make a quick phone call, I’ll be right back…” I say, backing out of there and running to my rental car.  As I climb back in I tell the kids that we are NOW, going to go pick up Dutch… We head to Big O and whadda ya know, there is Dutch, nice and repaired, waiting for me… right where we left him.  Let’s pray hard that Robert at the dealership doesn’t remember me if ever, heaven forbid, I have to go back there again.

Then Thursday evening I made sure Denten came home from work early, I had an actual shower and did my hair and got ready for a meeting that I drove to, only to turn right around and come home because the meeting is next Thursday night.  Denten asked if he should be concerned.  Perhaps, honey.  Perhaps.

I blame it on post-pregnancy brain.  Sleep deprivation.  Too much new school, activity, appointment information trying to take up space in my brain.  Let’s just hope my mind returns soon- I’m travelling with this now-larger posse this week and I’m going to need all the brain cells possible to prepare, pack and get us all there!


Debi said...

Totally normal Ambers. You'll have to start writing down your appointments in one place so your brain can have one calendar to check each day. My brain is on the desk in the office. If it isn't written there it doesn't happen. Can't wait to meet Stella this weekend!

Emily said...


kimmalee said...

Yep, I'm with mom on the paper brain. I carry mine in my diaper bag.
This is a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I only have 2 kiddos and I lose my mind all the time. I don't know how you keep it about you the majority of the time with four little darlings to keep track of. Hopefully little miss Stella will start sleeping longer soon. Remember how big a difference it makes to sleep all night long? I hope you will soon!
Good luck with the trip this weekend! I so wish we were going to be there to help hold and play with your little ones!

marie said...

I absolutely love it! Its so nice to know I'm not the only crazy lady out there. I think you're amazing! (And I miss seeing you. Come back sometime)

Annika said...

Best wishes...and thanks for a good laugh!