Friday, September 21, 2012

A blessing for Stella

Just to be sure we fit enough tear-jerking events into one weekend, we decided to bless Stella while we were in Utah.  Our bishop visited with us a while ago about baby blessings and gave us a few ideas regarding preparing for the blessing that were helpful.  Denten blessed Stella with amazing things to come all throughout her life.  I did not record the blessing as I intended, and part of me is mad about that, but the other part knows that everything she was blessed with will come to pass just as it needs to.  One thing that stood out to me was that Denten blessed her that as the time came for her and her husband to have a family, that her body would respond the way it should and she wouldn’t have trouble conceiving the children she is meant to have.  It reminded me that she is the first child that could possibly carry the infertility issues that I have dealt with and it was sweet for me to hear her dad wish that that could be avoided for her.  Stella has a sweet, strong little spirit.  She will be light-hearted and full of joy and it was great to celebrate her with our family.  Someone please remind me to take a picture of her in her dress before she grows out of it!



Grandpa and Stella


Drew and Denten.  Hair dichotomy?  I think so.


And then we said good-bye to Lindsay and Dan… yes, my mother had all of her children together one day, and everyone headed a different direction the next.  You may pray for her. 

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Partridge Family said...

Yes, I will pray for her. I saw her several months ago and she mentioned how she isn't terribly excited to have all of you spread across the world! Stella is beautiful. How are you adjusting to 4? 3 is keeping me on my tippy toes!