Friday, September 28, 2012


I think I have two minutes before I’m needed again, so here’s the brain-dump:

I have decided 90 degrees is perfect.  I don’t need a jacket, but I’m not sweating to death.  If it could stay like this forever, it would be glorious.  Soccer nights are going to be perfect for a while.  Until I get cold.

Beckham loves Halloween.  Like with a passion.  He asks every single night if it is halloween yet, and that has been going on for weeks.  He pulled the décor bin in from the garage himself (it’s heavy) and emptied it’s entire contents, placing things all over the house.  He talks about costumes constantly and has been quite indecisive… he’ll think he has his mind made up about what he is going to be and then I’ll hear randomly from the back seat of the car, “mom, it’s just so hard to decide!”  Sorry, kid… you get that from me.  It’s like it’s all he thinks about all the time!  Except when he’s rattling off facts about space and planets and our solar system- the latest discovery club unit.  And he sings.  while we drive, while he unloads the dishwasher, while he brushes his teeth… really.  all the time. 

Seneca needs weekends.  probably as much as I do.  I can tell it’s time to slow down when the melt downs begin.  and I’m referring to her, although I’ll admit to a few of my own.  I do not understand the concept of “run and do not be weary.”  it’s more like “run yourself ragged and then collapse.”  she’s loving school, though and despite her chatty self brings home reward certificates that indicate she does in fact listen and follow directions.  She gave me a lindsay déjà vu moment tonight at dinner when she tried the butternut pasta dish.  There was a quick gag and then a serious, “I don’t like this, mom.”  recalling the way lindsay handled that years ago, I agreed to a quesadilla pretty quick. 

Coop’s teacher called last night to tell us how awesome he is.  that’s awesome for a teacher to do.  “he’s responsible, polite, kind, considerate, bright … all the things I hope to find in my students.”  I wanted to reach through the phone and hug her- it’s just nice to hear now and then that my kids are great when they are away from me, because sometimes when he’s with me I wonder… He got stitches last week while we were out of town- that is probably worth mentioning.  pictures forthcoming.  grandma robinson is a saint, by the way.  in so many ways.

Stella is patient and flexible and definitely not the child of the nazi parent I once was.  I lived and died by cooper’s naptime schedule when he was a baby.  She does not have that luxury.  Fortunately she is happy as a clam most of the time.  Sometimes she smiles so big I think her cheeks might explode.  I seriously can’t get enough of that happy face.  Freezing time- I’d pay lots and lots of money for that power. 

Me?  the mysterious headaches are back.  I try really hard to keep this blog positive and not whiny, but if I’m being real, I’m barely making it through the days lately.  I’m going to try a new chiropractor that supposedly has magical powers.  I’m hoping he really does because my life is too good to feel this crappy every day.  I know some people live with this kind of pain or ailment on a daily basis, but I don’t think I need to, I just haven’t found the cause or solution yet but it’s coming.  Headaches combined with exhaustion is not a good combination and my immune system has taken a beating.  Like I said, weekends are a divine institution. 

Dent is so stinkin’ good at what he does that it’s becoming a problem.  Well, that doesn’t sound right.  The fact is that his clients think they need him day and night and always immediately and therefore walking away from work for the night or the weekend hasn’t been possible.  I think he needs someone else that can do what he does so he can have a break.  He loves his work, but he’s exhausted too.  the blessing is that he has clients that need him and that pay their bills and that he likes what he does. 

let’s shoot for productive tomorrow, ok?  this house either needs a solid two hours given to getting it in order or a fairy godmother and her magic wand.  I’ll take either. 


kimmalee said...

Mmmm, I vote the fairy godmother. Wouldn't that be nice once in a while? Your kids sound like they're doing so well and I love to hear the sweet things they say and do. I wish we lived closer and that I could come play with them once in a while.
I'm sorry about your mysterious headaches. I can relate and hope that you find a solution soon. Let me know what works for you. Have a lovely weekend with your little darlings.

brenda hatch said...

I hope you have someone come clean your house! I used to think it was a waste of money, but now I think it's worth every penny! Maybe that's why you have headaches? JK :) Gosh, that must be tough! Sorry!

Scrap Happy said...

Sorry the pasta wasn't a hit, I hope you liked it at least... : )