Monday, October 1, 2012

We went to Maine


we were surprised with first-class seats.  that was delightful.


we visited Beal’s and picked out the yummiest lobster there, threw it in a pot of boiling water and devoured.


Stella didn’t like that the lobster was as big as she was.



sister Kate, the fishing boat pic is for you.  idyllic.


it was a really rough few days for Stella.


Staying at the Inn is like home away from home.  Without the busy bodies running around and with Chris making us gourmet breakfast every morning and the darling girls cleaning our room every day.  Fresh air, wandering through favorite shops, eating at the regular spots… it was decompression at it’s finest.  While it was wonderful, having my sisters absent was a major bummer.  I needed Kate to pick something cute for me at Macey’s, Wade’s humor was missed and I’m certain Harrie and Dan would have loved it.  There was a race involved… kind of.  Due to registration mishaps, Dent ran illegally but in great time.  Dad and I enjoyed the 5K course and I decided that I could easily do that every day of my life if I had Acadia to walk through all the time.  Stella?  She didn’t mind one bit being the only baby allowed at the Inn… and with Gram at her beck and call, what could be better??

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