Thursday, October 18, 2012


It’s been a day.  A run-from-one-thing-to-another kind of day.  They were all good things and I felt pretty good as we kept pace with what came next, but tonight I was grateful for silence.  School was out early and brought extra kids home for a while.  Everyone helped get groceries then we dropped off at dance.  Ran groceries home, dropped off for soccer.  Picked up at dance then back to get soccer kids then home quick so I could go one direction while Dad and the kids went another.  Stella and I got home first tonight and as I sat in the rocking chair feeding her before putting her down I felt it… silence.  It’s so rare.  There was a dog outside and then a plane but then there was nothing.  I felt my body relax and purposefully inhaled.  Stella made little sucking noises and then went quiet and I just sat there holding this baby that I’m not quite sure I deserve, and just breathed.  I decided a few things.  I’m grateful I get to sit and practice with Cooper every day at the piano.  I get to see him figure things out in his head, try his best, make mistakes and then work to get it right.  I’m grateful to do homework with Seneca as I remind her to hold her pencil correctly and watch her impressive handwriting and creativity pour out.  I’m grateful for the conversations I have with Beckham through the day.  I’m grateful he is anxious to share all the things he is learning and is so excited about everything.  I’m grateful Stella is patient with all of us as she should rightfully be spending more time in her crib and is instead in her car seat as the others jump in and out and bounce around.  I’m grateful Denten can step in and handle some things when it just isn’t possible for me to be everywhere at once.  I’m grateful for the silence and the blessing of holding the sweetest little thing as she succumbs to sleep.  My busy days are wonderful.  And so is the silence at the end of it all.

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