Friday, October 26, 2012

shifting focus. gratitude.

I’ve decided that I will vote for whoever will approve cloning.  I’ve needed it several times this week!

Life is flying by and I’m doing my best to hang on and enjoy the ride.  The kids are healthy and happy and busy- they are smarty-pants and hilarious and while they sometimes struggle with the whole listen-the-first-time thing, it’s usually because they are happily playing with each other and who am I to criticize that? 

As I laid in bed last night listening to Stella fuss and think about crying, I noticed I was praying in my head, “please just let her go back to sleep.”  I caught myself quickly and then thanked heaven that there was a baby in my house to make such noises.  I prayed her here, I asked for this and I don’t want to wish any of it away.  After I got her settled down, Seneca came in and needed some oil for her knees.  That makes her sound like a robot, doesn’t it?  Anyway, after she was taken care of she asked me to lay with her for a  while.  My bed was calling to me, loudly, but it seems hers was calling louder.  I’m not sure what I ever did to have Seneca land in my life, but laying with her at night is something she won’t have me do forever, so I’ll take it.

Then it was Denten’s turn with Stella and after he got back to bed, Beckham came running in.  “Mom, there is something in my bed!  Something like a lizard!!”  Denten asked if he wasn’t sure the lizard was in his dreams.  “No!  It’s real!  By my pillow!”  Well, I was intrigued, so we put Bex in our bed and went to check it out.  Sure enough a tiny little gecko thing was on his bed by his pillow.  Gross me out.  We could not for the life of us figure out how it got in his room and on his bed!  I let Denten be the hero and catch it and I’m ok if that never happens again.  If I stop to be grateful about this situation, I suppose I’ll be grateful it wasn’t a scorpion?  I am not a fan of lizards, but compared to scorpions, they seem to be harmless.  There was no more sleep after that.

Gratitude month is coming up-  who’s in?  Post one thing every day you are grateful for.  On your blog, on Facebook, tweet it if you like or be old-fashioned and use a paper and pen.  The entire vibration of your house, your family and your life will change.  I’m excited!  Let’s all do it, it will be awesome.  Life is more fun if we are grateful instead of grumbly. 

Here’s three for now:

I’m grateful for Emily.  She’s moving away and I am not grateful for that, but I am for our friendship and all of the service she has given to me in the last two-and-a-half years. 

I’m grateful that Stella doesn’t cry all the time.  She was fussy in the car yesterday and Bex didn’t like it.  We had to stop and remember that that is a rare occurrence and it could be much, much worse.

I’m grateful I don’t stress about my kids when they are at school.  They have awesome teachers and I am free to get done what need to and not worry about their safety or emotional health.


Erin said...

I love this. I love your blog. I love you. I'm in. :)

The Silly Witch said...

This is my favorite time of year because of this activity. I'm in, of course!

Katelyn & Wade said...

That was a lively night at the Robinson's! Can you imagine if mom was visiting and sleeping in Bex's bed that night. Man, that would be awesome.

Tutz said...

I read that!
That's two. I wonder if they are related. I will not be sleeping in Bex's room again....

Kristi said...

I am totally in. I need some cheery buzz here! Thanks for always being so inspiring!!!