Friday, November 2, 2012

gratitude: 1&2

Well, for heaven’s sake.  I thought I could get away with a little FB gratitude this month, but no, you’re all calling me out and it appears here is where my documentation belongs.  Probably for the best. 

Yesterday I mentioned the guy I married.  He’s pretty awesome for lots of reasons, but I have been especially grateful for three characteristics lately.  He is supportive- I am pursuing fun projects of my own and he is great about doing what he can to support, uplift and make things work easily for me.  I am grateful he is involved.  He is not a hands-off dad.  He wants a say and is part of the decision-making process.  Sometimes I don’t get my way, which is a bummer, but I’m grateful he cares.  I’m also grateful that he is patient because, well, I need it.

Today I’m grateful for where I am in my life.  It’s easy to look at friends whose children are older, a little more self-sufficient and who have more free time and think how nice it will be when I’m there.  But yesterday as I was talking to my aunt on the phone, I felt so grateful to have these little faces to kiss and listen to their imaginations and be amazed by what they come up with.  It’s exhausting, my body will testify, but it is also filling in a way that I do not want to wish away.  I’m grateful that I have time for me, to serve and to explore and do things that fill my spirit as I also try to fill these little ones every day.  There is a time and a season and I’m determined to enjoy life right where I’m at. 

I love that so many of you are doing this- it is so fun to look down my blog roll and see gratitude pouring out- it honestly raises the energy and vibration of our lives and will bring peace that so many of us are seeking.  If I don’t have your blog address, or a current invite, send me one please.  It may sound modern of me, but I feel awfully connected to so many of you simply because you are willing to be vulnerable or hilarious and share your lives in this medium. 

I must go clean out my fridge now.  Jealous?  Here’s what I tell myself… I’m grateful to have a fridge and food and a kitchen and honestly?  I’m grateful to have an entire morning to be at home and take care of such things.  I don’t know when that happened last.

*post-edit:  I am also grateful for feminine products.  Needing them is not pleasant, but could you imagine being a pioneer during that time of the month??  Sooooo grateful I don’t have to know what that was like!!


kimmalee said...

Hear, hear. I second the feminine products gratitude.

Annika said...

One word for you...Mirena! Heaven sent!!! No period...period! ;-) But yes, I am grateful...for it all!