Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stella, Halloween and Heaven

I’m grateful that Stella is an easy baby.  There are things I would change, but there is plenty to be grateful for.  She was four months old yesterday and is a happy, patient, squishy little thing.  She smiles with her whole face, eats well and predictably, naps easily and is good in the car. 

photo (3)photo (2)

I’m grateful Halloween was easy.  Everyone chose costumes that required no sewing on my part and they could all dress themselves.  I relinquished all control and let them be whatever they wanted.  Dent tried to sway Cooper, but he had his mind made up.  The pilot was darling and while Spider-girl made no sense and her glittery skirt shed everywhere, she was happy as can be. 

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May I murmur?  I did not have happy feelings about my calling last night.  I admit to complaining, murmuring and feeling frustrated.  Unfortunately I have these feelings often and am waiting for another opportunity to come my way.  However, I also often repent and try, try again.  I am grateful for inspiration and for the spirit intervening when I, alone, am not enough to make it happen.  Little whispers allowed today’s plan to come together and it turned out better than anticipated. I can tell that Heaven cares about primary singing time because it would not be great if left up to me.  I’m grateful that when I am not enough, He makes up the difference because that gap occurs often and is wide. 


Katelyn & Wade said...

I CAN NOT get over the banana. It just kills me. And apparently I was so overcome by it on Insta I didn't even realize Senny was Spidergirl which indeed makes NO SENSE AT ALL! Whaaat?! You need to 'linquish' control again next year sister! Beckham wins!!

Emily Malinka said...

murmur away! Now I don't need to feel bad about those feelings you are experiencing and can just tell you how much I miss being there to watch singing time! Did I mention I miss you and your cute family!!!!

Torey said...

Can you hear me applauding you for withholding the power of veto over your children's costumes? It's pretty loud. I'm still giggling over Spidergirl. And thank you for doing a calling so many of us fear. I'm constantly appreciate of music leaders because I sure ain't one. Oh, and by the way, you're looking fabulous as always!