Sunday, December 2, 2012

a little overwhelmed. in the good way.

As I pack up and leave Las Vegas for home, I’m grateful.  For dear friends, old and new.  For a sincere desire to witness lives change for the better.  For the open arms and hospitality of family.  For the confidence and opportunity to teach and the amazing people this connects me with.  For my sweet family, supportive and engaged husband, four sets of cheeks that I can’t wait to kiss and a vehicle that got me where I needed to be safely.  For a temple experience that will bring forth blessings for many.  for the oils I have used to today that have relieved a headache, taken away cramps and helped keep me focused on my top priorities and not get sidetracked.  For the Christmas busyness that awaits me at home.  I am blessed and my heart is full. 

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