Monday, February 18, 2013


We've made some food changes around here this month involving decreasing or eliminating refined sugars and flour.  For us this means less white rice, pasta and potatoes.  I have also increased my awareness and vigilance regarding processed foods, artificial sweeteners and colors.  For the most part, we have simply focused on more meat, vegetables and fruit.  I have used almond or coconut milk sometimes but have not completely taken dairy away from my children.  They have been good sports with the dinners that have been presented to them lately.  And they have been champs about downing green smoothies every single morning.  Here are a few things that we have eaten this last week that are worth repeating at our house:

Sweet Potato Sauté (nominations for a better name are currently being accepted.  My original title, "sweet potato hash," was vehemently opposed by the Mister).

Sweet potato, peeled and diced
Organic chicken breakfast sausage (Sprouts)
Spinach, stems removed, ripped in smaller pieces
We just cooked it all together on the stove until sweet potatoes were soft and spinach was wilted.  Seasoned with rosemary, sage, salt and pepper it was a hit with everyone!

Salmon Salad (I am not good at naming my food!)

Salmon patty (frozen section at Costco)
over a bed of greens, corn, green beans topped with a creamy cilantro dressing and slivered almonds.

The kids had the salmon with corn and green beans on the side.

Texiquinoa Salad

This one comes from Annie at Green Shakes and Giggles.  I have found myself eating a lot of that food lately.  She and Ann are helping me find that healthy food can be oh, so delicious!  My kids didn't love this one as it was served, but found they liked it better warmed up... so we served it as a hot dish and added the avocado before eating.

We've roasted vegetables and garbanzo beans, eaten eggs loaded with veggies and tried buckwheat pancakes and whole wheat waffles.  If you have anything delicious we need to try, send it my way!!

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