Monday, February 18, 2013

Go Buffs!

Uncle Dan the Man coaches the women's basketball team at Colorado University and they came to play ASU this weekend.  We grabbed Dan for dinner Saturday evening and he managed to engage in adult conversation and catch up with us while kids climbed all over him.  They love Dan the Man.  A lot.  
The next day we went to cheer on the Buffalos in Tempe.  I was prepared for bored kids, but they totally surprised me.  They were engaged and following the game and cheering both loudly and appropriately.  They had a blast and Dent and I felt like we'd gone back in time as basketball used to take up a lot of our time... he played, officiated and coached... I cheered from the stands and yelled at the refs a lot.  
We had such a good time, wish he came more often... and we really wish Aunt Linny would have come too!!

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Lindsay said...

Cute pics. Glad you guys had fun. P.S. Dan works at the University of Colorado. The initials are backwards...