Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Ishikawa daddy-daughter dance, Feb. 2013

Seneca came home a few weeks ago bouncing out of her skin waving a flier from school around over her head.  "I get to go to a dance with dad!!"  My first thought was actually a prayer.. please, please let him be available.  Due to rainy Saturdays, we ended up having a make-up soccer game the night of the dance, and even though this girl loves her soccer, there was no conflict in her mind.

We discussed wearing something she might dance a little better in, but she wanted her fanciest attire for her date with dad.  She had a ball learning new moves with dad (a flip!) and squealing with her friends. I'm all for this kind of school activity... and I'm oh, so grateful Dent carved out room in his calendar to make it happen. He's always had something special for this little girl, and it is clear that the feeling is mutual.  Here's to many more daddy-daughter dates!


tenacious d said...

Love it! It would be cute to see this compared to her first formal dance photos in a few years. I can't imagine she will be more excited about her date than she was about this one.

Lindsay said...

My friend just took his little girl to one of these too. Greatest idea!