Monday, November 4, 2013

Tonight I pray.

Tonight Stella was drinking her milk before bed and brought me Goodnight Moon.  She climbed on my lap and as I held my sweet, healthy baby, I cried my way through the story.  I prayed with each page that my sister will have this same experience.  I prayed that her little boy will bring her a story before bed, cuddle up and understand what she is reading.  I pray that he'll wake up at night hungry and that she will sit in the dark wishing for a little more sleep but so grateful for those peaceful dark feeding moments.  I pray that she will get to change hundreds of diapers and wash endless loads of little clothes.  I pray that his little legs will eventually run all over her house, creating a tornado, causing messes where she just cleaned them up.  I pray he will empty drawers and pull books off the shelf and race cars across the kitchen floor.  I pray that his eyes will light up when his daddy walks into the room and that he will laugh himself silly with his siblings.  I pray that he will fling food from his high chair and ask for snacks  50 times a day.  I pray that Katelyn will have the opportunity to cry her eyes out when he leaves for his first day of school, his strong healthy body ready to go meet the world.

Tonight I pray that there are extra healing angels in that tiny bed with tiny Whitt and they are convincing him that it is worth every effort to fight this one out.  I pray that there are even more surrounding Katelyn and Wade, holding them up, allowing them to breathe and sleep and maintain some sort of balance.  I pray that they can feel all the love that my heart can't contain and all the tears that my eyes keep pouring out.  I pray for clean scans and positive tests and all the right steps in the right direction.  I pray that she can hold him and feed him and kiss his sweet little face because I'm just sure that that will heal them both.  I pray that Heaven is leading each move those doctors make, assuring them that they are the right moves for this little man.  I pray that Tessa and Bode will love this little soul with all their hearts and attempt to teach him everything they know.  I pray for my mom that as she takes care of the children while her heart is with Katelyn and Wade that she will be lifted up with power beyond her own and give her strength and endurance both physically and emotionally.

I know that miracles happen and I know that Heaven has a plan.  I'm banking on those two facts.  I pray for peace.  As I tucked Stella into bed tonight, I held her a little longer, sang an extra song and didn't want to let go.  Please, please let Katelyn have the opportunity to do the same.


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Tamara Banks said...

Thank you for this heart-felt, loving prayer, AB. Your thoughts and prayers are so tender and needed. I love you!

Debi said...

Beautiful and very true.