Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zero Tolerance

I've got stuff to blog about, but I need my thoughts on the subject to be a little more organized before I begin. There's a lot to record and I want to do it in a way that I will remember the things I am grateful for as we go through this experience, so as my brain clears, I'll begin recording this new journey.

In the meantime, it seems life goes on...and in that life Cooper has decided that he is king of the house, well, in his words, he is the boss. The sass and backtalk are at an all-time high and therefore the zero tolerance policy has been firmly put in place. Coop is not happy about it. I have been much to lenient in giving warning after warning before implementing any discipline and therefore find myself repeating the same words over and over. Now I speak once and if there isn't a reaction, it is such a bummer. So sad. Immediate time outs. The stair, the bedroom, the garage, really, whatever I'm up for at the moment. The goal is listening the first time, which my mother will think is a little too much to expect, but I know he is capable of. There is the occasional obedience followed by, "mom, I listened!" Gee, let's celebrate.

So as we begin a new week, which is most likely going to a little rough, here's to hoping that this brilliant child of mine catches on quick!


Ashlee said...

There is a reason they call it tough love. I think weeks like this are toughter on the mom than the kid. Good luck and we support you!

Anonymous said...

You're obviously doing the right thing. I think the reference to "tough love" is more applicable to the teacher than the student.

Just remember Jim Fay's (paraphrased) comments, "The costs of not teaching our children the relationships between behaviors, consequences and personal accountability become more expensive each day."

When you have perfected your lesson plan, send it on down the street to us!

Wade and Katelyn said...

What are you talking about? Cooper is perfect!

Emily said...

Love Aunt Kate's comment!

K said...

You need to report on how the zero tolerance goes with Coop. I hope it goes well! 3-year olds are tough sometimes!

Sandi said...

He certainly has learned what you are teaching him even if he doesn't aways display it to you. He was a perfect gentlemen at our home with thank you, you're welcome, I love you and I love coming to your house.