Wednesday, November 18, 2009


- moose munch. found at target. it's a special treat seeing as it's over $4 for a small portion, but oh man, it's good.

- a great car wash. I found a new one close to me. they are thorough, inside and out, and I'm picky. no eating in the car allowed!

- friends who help in last-minute rescue situations... lifesavers!

- music. I could say a lot on this subject, but today I'm grateful that it helps my children learn. Cooper is recognizing the number of intervals between notes in songs and it's so fun to hear him point them out. He's also working on his articles of faith and having them set to music is so much easier... for me! Seneca and Beckham have our bedtime songs memorized and sing along with me before they go to sleep. Music makes learning in our home fun and easy.

- anticipation. this is the weekend we've been preparing for for a year. family begins arriving tomorrow, excitement is ever-present!


rebecca said...

Have a wonderful weekend and wish Denten lots of luck and endurance! You are one amazing wife for supporting him through all his training! And enjoy being with your families. That does sound exciting!

tenacious d said...

Good luck D and W! It's neat that this is a family endeavor. How could they be anything but successful with so many people backing them up?