Thursday, November 19, 2009

today's gratefuls

- d's dedication to provide for our family. it's almost 9 p.m. on the eve of a major weekend and he's still finishing up at work. I'm grateful that he takes his work seriously and that he enjoys what he does. he has built a great relationship with those he works with and has proved himself valuable at his firm. I'm grateful for his dedication.

- guests. if all else fails, knowing favorites are coming to stay motivates me to clean my house. it sparkled for about 30 minutes today before I let my children back inside.

- easy dinners. tonight it was sweet pork tacos with the assistance of the crockpot. so easy and so yummy.

- creme puffs from fresh and easy. oh divine bliss... I gotta hurry, katelyn already started hers without me.

- days full of family... mom, sisters, cousins, beautiful weather outside. it's gonna be a great weekend.


Joni said...

Sounds fun!! Isn't Thanksgiving the best!! You get to see family and eat delicious food.

Ashlee said...

Good luck to D! Enjoy the family and all of your guests. I am glad to know I am not the only one that cleans and enjoys it for only 30 minutes! :)

McKelle said...

Love how the house is only clean for 30 minutes! So true. We had sweet pork tacos last night...but I still haven't perfected them. Do you have a good recipe? What else do you put on them?

Cammi said...

Give me the recipe for Sweet Pork Tacos please!! I have a crockpot!!

Joni said...

I wouldn't mind that recipe either.