Friday, November 20, 2009

grateful on nov. 20

I wish that I was more organized about this here grateful project, but at this point it is what it is.

I'm very grateful for my sisters today. They have both arrived safely, they both love and humor my children and have extra patience seeing as the energy level shoots up a few levels when they have an audience.

I am grateful for early bedtimes. It's 6:30 and two of three are down... the last one on his way. I'm exhausted and the fun hasn't even begun!

I'm grateful for the energy and excitement of a crowd. The elecricity at certain sporting events is good for me. We ventured to the race course today for a practice swim and registration and the thrill is already in the air. It just radiates off of everyone. It's positive and encouraging.

I'm grateful for the location of denten's work building. It's making this weekend super smooth to have a homebase complete with a place for babies to nap and a fridge and microwave. There could not be a more perfect spot for this event.

I'm grateful for Ms. Krysten. Cooper had a little Thanksgiving program today at school that followed his feast. She and Mr. Andy are absolutely amazing. The environment they provide suits Cooper very well. It is a place where he thrives and learns. I have much more on this subject another time, but I'm tired, so tonight, I'm just grateful.

**Bonus question: what is your favorite holiday album? what do you listen to in the car, or when you're baking... what one album do I need to download??


Misty said...

For Christmas albums I go for the classics. My favorites are Charlie Brown Christmas, Nat King Cole, and Johnny Mathis.

Jess said...

John Denver and the Muppets. :)

Scrap Happy said...

Harry Connick Jr.

Lindsay said...

celtic woman christmas
kenny g christmas

Jana said...

I bought the David Archuleta Christmas and I love it. I loved him and his cd is great. So is Faith Hill Christmas. OH!!!! And I would for sure get the Glee music. SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Do you even watch that show? If not. . . start.