Saturday, November 21, 2009

ironman eve. grateful tonight.

I have major reporting to catch up on, but it's going to have to wait until next week. Tonight, I am grateful for:

- my mother. she had her knee replaced last month and still made the effort to come to be with us this weekend. she's taking care of my children, taking out my garbage, doing my dishes, folding my laundry and... get ready... cleaning out my microwave. the one thing I hoped she wouldn't notice because I sure didn't get to it. she's such a trooper and I love her like crazy.

- the competitive edge that is ingrained in cooper. he did the kids ironman one-mile race today and while the full report is coming, let's just say the kid has drive. way more than his mother (who couldn't keep up with him).

- neighbors who are THE BEST. really. they came to my rescue again today. without them I would be in major trouble sometimes. while both of us dream about living somewhere else someday, I'm just not sure we could do it, because they are absolutely irreplaceable.

- a delicious and delightful pre-race dinner with friends and family and our star athletes. grilled chicken and veggies, rice, salad, grilled bread and a wicked chocolate cake. three grandmas, one grandpa, two aunts, one uncle and a cousin who is getting loved on more than she can handle.

- the opportunity to ring my cow bell, wave my sign, chalk up the street all in honor of the guy who has spent the last year preparing his mind and body for an amazing endeavor. snacks are packed, diapers are a plenty, layers are laid out ready to put on little bodies, everyone has been sent to bed anxious to rise nice and early to cheer on our dad. it's gonna be awesome!!

**bonus question: what are you getting your mother-in-law for christmas??


Amy said...

Good luck to both participants & spectators! I can't wait for the full report!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Denten and supporters. You will represent Bloch Road very well!