Wednesday, November 25, 2009

grateful for mom.

Today marks the anniversary of my mother's entrance into the world. Man, I'm glad that happened. I'm incredibly grateful for her today.

- I'm grateful that she took the time to teach me how to take care of things and people. I realize now that doesn't just happen. I know how to set a table properly and use good manners. I know how to really clean a bathroom. I know what is appropriate to wear in certain situations (no denim at church!). I know that good knives don't go in the dishwasher. I know how to take care of my clothes. I know that holidays are magical. I learned through patient teaching and example.

- I'm grateful that my mom believes in me without limitations. If she believed I had limitations, she sure never shared that with me. She expected great things of me and never doubted (to me) that I could succeed. She helped me memorize talks for church. She pushed me in piano because she believed I could be great. She expected me to do well in school and didn't accept excuses. She never held me back or led me to believe that I wasn't good enough to accomplish something. She has always been a wonderful personal cheerleader.

- I'm grateful that my mother is persistent. Meningococcal meningitis put up a good fight, but mom persisted, conquered and survived. Her angels knew I still needed her. Her persistence eventually taught me that ramen is not a healthy meal, that curfews are in place for a reason and that kissing too many boys has its downside. And that listening to my mother the first time really does save heartache and consequence.

- I'm grateful that she "gets" me. I'm grateful I can call with petty frustrations and rather than judgement I receive a listening ear and gentle advice. She understands when I've "had it" and when I need a break. She knows where I'm coming from and what my intentions are. Most of all she knows what I need to hear and offers clarity when my world feels muddled.

- I'm grateful that she supports me unfailingly as a wife and mother. She loves and admires my husband and adores my children. She compliments my mothering skills and respects the way we're raising our children.

I am like my mother in many ways, enough that we have the ability to drive each other a little bit crazy. It's probably good we don't live next door to each other as we both need our space, but I love her dearly and need her on a regular basis. I value our time together and am incredibly grateful Heavenly Father had the wisdom to make her my mom.


Anonymous said...

no denim at church?

tenacious d said...

Tamara is an awesome person. You definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to parents.

Joni said...

Aunt Tam is really the best. She always listens to me when I come crying to her. You are a lucky girl to have a Mom like that!!