Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm grateful for...

1. the ability to be amused. I was attempting to assist seneca with her lunch today as she gets easily distracted. as the spoon was coming at her, she dramatically slapped her own hand over her mouth and held it very tight. her eyes told me that there was not a chance in the world that anything on that spoon was getting in. I know when to back off. also during mealtime, cooper was on a roll. he had been singing for about 30 minutes straight and while I normally encourage music of any kind, I needed a break. and it's not good manners to sing while eating. "but mom, I'm just being happy!" hard to argue with that.

2. lessons learned. even the hard way. the lesson is this: when you get home from the store, put the stuff away that you got at the store. you may recall the fabric softener incident... you'd think I'd learn... a new liquid laundry detergent jug has been floating around my main floor for two days being used as various obstacle course apparatus, until seneca and beckham came to me today to show me their "wet" hands. you have got to be kidding me. on carpet. a significant pool. joy. seriously, amberly. put. it. away.

3. a change of pace. I'm grateful I have variety in my days. learning time, music class, soccer practice, naptime, playdates, library runs... the daily stuff that keeps me moving from one thing to another. 'cause let's just face it... this week? I've needed stuff to move me.

4. beckham's huge smiles. particularly when he's swinging. "high." I push high and I'm not sure his mouth could open any wider in delight. giggles of joy erupt and it makes standing there endlessly oh so worth it.

5. comprehension. seneca is to the point where she understands consequences and is willing to test the boundaries. while this has the potential to be frustrating, I'm grateful her little mind is quick and that she gets it. she's been in her big girl bed for a few weeks, but if she comes out of her room after being tucked in, she gets put in her crib. it's so sad. she knows it, she fights it, and she's learning.


The Silly Witch said...

oh amberly. I feel your pain. Whenever I don't put something away I get burned. I've lost several containers of window cleaner down the powder room sink recently...the sink because Bardo has finally learned not to dump them on the floor.

Jana said...

I love your posts. You make me laugh. And I remember when we put Ellie in a big girl bed. Then after a month, we put her back in the crib for good!! With a crib tent for safe measure. :)

Cammi said...

I love all your gratefuls! I love the stories about your kids, and I love that your blog makes me laugh and then the next minute makes me think hard about things! LOVE IT!
Love and miss you cousin!