Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wednesday gratefuls.

Today I'm grateful for:

1. my mother. for a myriad of reasons, but today because she made me laugh really hard and I really needed it. she had no idea how perfect her timing was and how funny her innocent mistake was. she gets me. and when she doesn't, she pretends to. I used to think a person would eventually outgrow needing their mother, but I haven't yet. don't think I ever will.

2. my father-in-law. it's his birthday today and my, did he get a rousing birthday wish from my littles on the phone. he's even, predictable, strong, faithful, calm and a wonderful example to our family. from his basketball duties to his church duties, he demands the best and gives it in return.

3. fieldtrips. we ended up at a different destination today then originally planned, but getting out of the house was a necessity today and while I considered inviting others to go with us, today it just needed to be us. I enjoy the way my children play and interact with each other when they don't have other friends around. they look out for each other, include each other and I needed to see it today.

4. homemade pesto. I am a lover of pesto in general. It is a staple in my fridge for an easy pasta dish or on a sandwich, but tonight I got some great homemade pesto delivered and it was GOOD. I mean, really, really good. man, that stuff is totally going to be included on my menu in heaven.

5. packages in the mail. they are the best. the ups guy really does have a great job, delivering joy all day long! I mean, who is unhappy to see the guy when he has a present for you?? today he brought me an enormous box of diapers, which may not be exciting to you, but I'm stocked for another few weeks without having to buy any at the store. he also brought me my order from lakeshore learning... lots of great reading and math materials for cooper. such fun things! I love packages. feel free to send them to me anytime.

check out kristina and kendra... joining the grateful army today!!

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Stephens Family said...

Who made the homemade pesto because I need the recipe! I too looooovvvve pesto!