Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 10

I'm grateful today. I very well could list five complaints, as long as I'm being real, but I'll stay focused on the task at hand.

1. I'm grateful for my knowledge that my Heavenly Father exists and that He knows who I am. I know that He hears me when I pray and that he listens. I know that He loves me and while I don't fully understand His timeline, I'm well aware that He's got one and that I fit into it somewhere.

2. I'm grateful for job security. Plain and simple. Very grateful.

3. I'm grateful for angels and honest people. I had my wits about me enough today to get the groceries I needed, load them and my children into the car and come home. And then realize that my cart back in the fresh and easy parking lot still had My Bag in it. After a quick unload of the food, we headed back to the store. Cooper helped me say a prayer on the way that My Bag would be right where I left it or that someone had turned it in. It was indeed still sitting right in the cart on the sidewalk, complete with all of its important contents. Coop said another prayer on our way home, this one full of gratitude.

4. I'm grateful for dancing. Considering how bad my husband thinks my moves are, we dance a lot in the house. We were testing out workout music this morning and the whole family was bouncing in their jammies. It resumed after lunch and tried as I might to calm things down, Beckham was still groovin' on his way to his nap. I tried to lay him down and just kept stomping and twirling in his bed, laughing his little head off.

5. I'm grateful for obedience? I mean, I'm grateful for obedience. Let's preface this one by making it clear that my position on baths is that dads should take care of them. Maybe it's just me, but I am not a fan of this activity. Seeing as dad isn't home until after everyone is sound asleep and I can only have stinky kids for so long, I bite the bullet and clean my children.

I asked Seneca and Beckham to go up to get ready for a bath. They listened the first time and went right up. After finishing in the kitchen, I followed them up to find that they had already turned the water on and were indeed having a bath. Fully clothed. Super. When it was time to be done, I got Beckham out, telling Seneca to play for just another minute while I got Bex in his jammies and I'd be right in to wash her. Well, little independent self that she is, she went ahead and washed herself, dumping an almost full bottle of baby wash into the tub. Well, she's clean now.

It's been a day of gritting my teeth and swallowing a lump that keeps forming in my throat. I know, however, that I am deeply grateful for the situation I am in. I've got a great home, children that I prayed like crazy to have and a husband who loves me even when I'm much too selfish and who enjoys his job. I'm grateful. It's also ok, though, to be grateful that it's the end of the day. 'Cause I am.


Joni said...

Oh man. That bathtime sounds a little stressful, but it also sounds really hilarious. I'm sure you were too annoyed at the time, but you shoulda snapped a picture of them fully clothed in the tub. *sigh* Anyway, glad you made it through. I also love the dancing one. I have NO moves, but in my head, they are great! :)

The Silly Witch said...

So what do you guys groove to at your house. My ipods needs a refresher.

tenacious d said...

It's easy from here to read about the bathtub experience and laugh, but I'm sure that it was stressful at the time. They were being quite obedient!!

That's awesome that your bag was untouched. You definitely were being looked after.

I am loving this gratitude experience, especially reading everyone else's posts, whether I know them or not. It's unifying.

Stephens Family said...

I had the exact same day! But, I can say, after listing what I was gratful for, it did seem to push back the tears of frustration that have been on the verge all day and replace them with tears of joy. I love this challenge! Thanks Amberly!

Stephen & Kendra said...

Okay so I am going to join the thankful group if it's not too late. I love reading your posts and so I figured I should join. I loved your list today, made me really think. You're good at that you know. Thanks for the great ideas.

kimmalee said...

Yes, your two little ones sound very obedient indeed. That was a great bath story. Oh I know about those teeth gritting lump swallowing days. Hope today is better for you.

Jana said...

I am laughing with you at this post. I feel the exact same as you when it comes to baths. Hate them. In fact, Jason is up doing them right now. I would rather get the flu. Maybe. And that story of them getting in all dressed made me laugh hard. Ellie has done that and it was NOT so funny at the time. And she did it with all her dolls too. Now they are all clean with her, and all bubbly every time we touch them.