Monday, November 9, 2009


1. the opportunity to buy in bulk. If I were very rich, I would have amazing food storage. today was costco, three kids, two full carts and wonderful naps when we got home!

2. organization. I reorganized my pantry and food storage closet today and I love that I know everything I have! and that most of my costco purchases found a home.

3. denten taking care of dinner while I take care of business I had forgotten about.

4. vanilla almond granola from fresh and easy.

5. my dvr. we have a date tonight. and I'm oh so ready.

cooper came home from preschool today with a "thankful turkey." it's a large plastic cup with a turkey head and feathers on it. he's supposed to think of one thing every day that he's grateful for and write it on a piece of paper and put it in his turkey. we'll pull them all out and read them together on Thanksgiving. today he's grateful for falling leaves. it's nice to know that even when we don't live in a place that has a true autumn, he appreciates what could be!


Annika said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blessings the past week. I haven't been posting mine for everyone to read, but thank you for the idea.

Emily said...

ummm...could you explain to me how that works...three kids plus Costco plus two carts? Do you have more hands than I do and if so where do I some up?

Seriously, you are wonder woman....and you organized two pantries! That has been on my list for months, if you come do mine I will make you any recipes off my sidebar that you want. Deal?

Torey said...

That granola IS amazing!

The Hunt's said...

I just love Costco. I have to restrain myself every time I go. And that granola is pretty freaking good.