Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14

Today I'm grateful for:

- Dutchess. She is the gps unit that came nicely installed in Dutch. We have a fantastic relationship. My body is in Vista, CA at the moment. We went to watch Cheyanne's soccer scrimmage this morning and I had to navigate my way back to DaNae's by myself. I am fairly certain that there isn't a straight road within a 50 mile radius of where I am and I am also fairly certain that I could have been so very lost without Dutchess navigating my every move. Love her!

- Grandmas. Today it's Dianna. She knew just when it was time to take my children up to the playground for a while and just let me sit. She loves them and spoils them and tickles them and they need it today.

- Wade. Katelyn's husband is doing the Ironman with D next week and I'm so grateful they are in this together. D has trained mostly solo, but it's been great to have someone doing the same thing at the same time to compare notes with and share motivation. They went on a ride/run together this morning and I wish it could happen more often. It's also been great for me to have an Ironman wife in Katelyn to share in the commiseration and encouragement. The countdown is on, people... ONE week to go!!

- The jeans I'm wearing right now. They fit fantastically and while they might have been a pretty penny, they make me feel like a million bucks... and that's worth it! Never underestimate the power of quality denim.

- Mr. Sun. There was a song about Mr. Sun that my Jacobs cousins taught us when we were younger and went to visit Canada. Cammi was so little and she smacked her lips when she sang it... anyway, I have always loved the sun. The way it warmed through my whole body, the bright, cheeriness of it, and the way it bronzed my skin. I have spent too much time baking in it's glory, but today as I sat on the soccer field with my eyes closed, I could just feel it penetrating my clothes, warming me clear to my soul. It kind of felt healing, which might not make any sense to you, but a few pieces of me have been in need of repair lately. Mr. Sun and some good fresh air are often just the ticket.


Joni said...

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun. Mr. Golden Sun. Please shine down me me!! So glad you remember that song. I almost forget it 'til just now. Thanks for the reminder.

Jana said...

You picked the right place for sun. Smart move. And AMEN to quality denim. I will never go back.

Cammi said...

I was a little sassy performer when I was little wasn't I.. . haha. . Oh Mr. Sun! I need to move somewhere where I see you more!

The Hunt's said...

Let us all take a moment of silence for designer denim...