Sunday, November 15, 2009

grateful 11.15

I had every intention of having photos for this post, but I'm too tired to do that at the moment, so you get my non-photo gratefuls today and hope that tomorrow is great.

1. I'm grateful for Dutch. As I commented on our drive home tonight that my buns were very tired of sitting in my seat, Denten commented that they were in about the most comfortable seat possible when road-tripping. It's true. Dutch is comfort all the way around. He hauls bikes, luggage, and kids and entertains with movies and music. He's reliable and patient. He blows cool air on my when I'm hot and warms my body when I'm cold. Sorry I complained, Dutch.

2. I'm grateful for Denten's calm demeanor. Our children had a few moments on the way home when it was such a bummer. I'm happy to let kids ride in my car when they're sweet, and when they're not? Well, it's so sad. Lessons learned on the side of the road delay our arrival home, but they are powerful lessons.

3. I'm grateful for DaNae's hospitality. She is having a baby tomorrow and yet spent the weekend hosting our little family and traipsing all over so cal to watch basketball. What a trooper! And she always has new recipes for me to try... good ones on the way! Can't wait to meet our new little cousin!!

4. I'm grateful for Beckham's appetite. Sometimes I don't enjoy the fact that my children ask for snacks all day long, but I'd rather have them enjoy eating healthy things than have a fight at mealtime trying to get them to eat. They are not particularly picky, especially Beckham, and I consider that a major blessing.

5. I'm grateful for the priesthood and the fact that my husband is worthy to hold it and bless our family with it. He and Winston gave me a blessing this morning that was ever so needed and I know that the words spoken came straight from my Father in Heaven through the mouth of my husband and were just what I needed. I'm grateful for my testimony of this power.


Jana said...

Picky eaters make me insane. I know from personal experience with Jackson. And now he is the world's best eater. But I HATE HATE HATE that Ellie asks for snacks all day long. We put a lock thing on our pantry and our fridge. :) And she busted through both.

Torey said...

Ditto on the healthy appetite. We've got a food-lover in our house as well. Heaven help us in the teenage years!