Saturday, November 7, 2009

saturday gratefuls.

1. cooper's first soccer experience. he had his last game today and he has thoroughly enjoyed the past couple of months. I have too.

2. at-home-haircuts. my boys have been beyond shaggy for far too long, but their dad took to their heads today and they are so handsome! Beckham's face gets rounder every time he gets his hair cut, I can hardly stand it.

3. d's cleaning skills. we were doing a speed clean today. cooper and I tackled the bathrooms while denten did the kitchen. he took care of the mess and conquered piles I've been avoiding for way too long. I should also be grateful that coop likes to help me clean bathrooms. he uses half the bottle of windex, but man, those mirrors are clean!! and he has no fear of getting down and dirty cleaning the toilets.

4. a great afternoon and evening with my husband and no children. and baby-sitters that can handle playing, dinner and bedtime without a sweat.

5. a good, hot shower. my shower door is broken. it's been broken for a few weeks now. denten will temporarily fix it (balance it on the broken piece) but sometimes the door falls off when I open it... so I've been showering downstairs. the hot water and pressure is perfect. we have a new door... denten just needs a couple of free hours to replace it! let's pray that it happens in the next month.

Check out Rebecca's comments on gratitude week... apparently we are contagious! Nice work, bloggies... we have great lives, don't we!?

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Joni said...

Great lives indeed.