Monday, April 26, 2010

monday at home.

cereal for breakfast.
got spreadsheet and invoices out for joete's playground.
ran on the treadmill while kids watched a show.
took a shower (and scrubbed the shower) while beckham explored my bathroom cabinets.
cleaned the bathrooms.
practiced tracing triangles with the littles.
practiced counting by fives with coop.
assisted with spelling words.
reinforced that crayons stay on the paper 17 times.
sent the kids outside 57 times.
went for a walk/bike ride/ scooter stroll.
sent lunch outside.
changed beckham's sheets.
kicked myself for not taping on the diaper at nap time.
watched brothers and sisters.
killed a scorpion.
immediately called my pest control guys.
folded sheets.
washed more sheets.
ate popcicles.
updated budget spreadsheet.
went through all the mail.
made tuna pasta for dinner. everyone loved it.
attempted to teach the fact that cleaning up can take a long time or a short time. tonight it took a very long time.
dust-mopped all of the hard floor.
got through one lighting catalogue while hiding outside on the porch.
read stories.
brushed teeth.
said prayers.
sang songs.
reviewed african animal facts.
completed reading worksheet.
used oils for allergies.
hoping dad gets home soon.


The Hunt's said...

wow. you did about 40 more things than i did today.

Tutz said...

How did you get so many things done in one day? We didn't do that last week. I have to say, I'm glad I wasn't there for the scorpion! Please tell me it was outside. You haven't forgotten the brown and white stuff in the freezer, have you? That cold, delicious treat we secretly found...

Ashlee said...

Very productive! Please tell me more about "reviewed african animal facts...." Thanks!

Annika said...

You lost me after killed a scorpion! Yikes!!!

T. Bateman said...

Sounds like a very productive day. I love the show Brothers and Sisters! Have you seen the new show Parenthood?