Tuesday, April 27, 2010

today I heard...

the birds in my yard.
the toaster popping up waffles for breakfast.
the pool guys outside my bathroom.
toilets flushing.
crayons coloring on the table.
"mom, I need help with floppy." spelling words.
"mom, I gotta go potty!"
"popcorn popping" a dozen times.
the rrrrrrip of packaging tape at the shipping store.
the pleasant voice of the teller at the bank.
primary songs in the car
squealing on the tire swing at the park.
"mom, my state is botswana!"
tears on the phone during a great session
the buzz of a very loud insect stuck in between my window and screen.
complete silence during naptime.
"diaper, mom."
"push me higher!"
scooter wheels flying across my patio.
my refrigerator running.
the weed-eater next door.
water washing strawberries.
three very loud boys in my backyard being complete boys.
doors opening and slamming.
me crunching tortilla chips.
"oh man, broccoli?"
pork chops sizzling on the grill.


Katelyn & Wade said...

i need more info on botswana...last time i checked he was navajo.

Amberly said...

studying the african savannah at school. he is botswana and a rinoceros for his program thursday.

Scrap Happy said...

That reminds me - I got an invoice from the auction - can't I just give you cash? Or do I need to pay it online?

DaNae said...

Was broccoli my brother? Need a tutorial from the master blogger...when can you help me? How do I follow your blog? And how do I know I am following?? New, new,new stuff...

DaNae said...

Ohhh I think I just click this little box & it is sent to my email.