Sunday, April 25, 2010


My mom just left. What a bummer. I thoroughly enjoyed having her here. She got so much done around my house that I feel fully functional. I enjoyed her conversation, her spoiling all of us, a lunch date and unexpected shopping trip. I enjoyed her input as to what to do with certain spaces and such in this house. Taking her to the airport to head home was much too soon for me, but she was probably ready for a break!

The Mother's Day auction for Joete's Playground is over. It was fun to help organize and follow bidding. Not everything made it to value price, but enough went over that I think it can still be called a success. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Do doorbells ever wear out? Mine reminds me of my grandpa callister's grandfather clock when it would hit the top of the hour. It's long and loud. While I was nostalgic at first, my children ringing it incessantly is getting old.

Beckham found aerosol hairspray today and emptied a good portion of it in my bathroom. I'm not sure if the fumes will ever go away.

Katelyn ran the Ragnar this weekend. She killed it, I'm so gosh darn proud of her!

We have a new slide on the playset outside. The old one had a hole and while the kids learned to play around it, we are now free of any liability when visitors come over.

Denten is in Supai for a hearing, we're eating breakfast burritos for Sunday dinner without him.

I have broccoli, asparagus and summer squash in my fridge, cut up and ready to go. I'm going to throw it in all sorts of stuff this week... tonight it's eggs, tomorrow maybe pasta?

The weather is gorgeous. I have new flip-flops. The booster pump for the pool arrived this week... Summer is coming!


Scrap Happy said...

Beck might have learned that trick from Josh. He had a field day with the Windex in the girls' room on Saturday.

Patria said...


Love the new abode... congrats on the successful move and the new fun space for the family to run around and enjoy! Life is good!

Rachel said...

Doorbells can be replaced quick and easy. Lowes and Home Depot have a lovely assortment of sounds you can choose from. We picked a sound that seemed to match our house - odd and slightly unexpected. (affordable too)