Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need a maid.

we made it through wednesday.  that is something.  well, almost through wednesday.  my house needs some attention, but all of the running around is done and kids are in bed.  gym to shipping store to preschool drop-off to groceries.  home to put away groceries then back to get seneca.  home to put the kids down for naps, welcome cooper home, jump in the shower.  wake senny up and send her out the door to dance.  return doTerra phone calls and emails, put boys in the car to get the girls from dance.  drop off little tutus and head to music dress rehearsal.  deliver oils and visit with Tara while Coop is at music.  pick up the coopster and race to end-of-season soccer party.  an entire league crammed into a frozen custard joint- just how I was hoping to end my run-around day!  got three ice cream cones and one trophy and came home to find jammies, read, brush teeth and throw them in bed. 

my house looks as though it was simply a transition zone today and I’m pretty sure that aside from breakfast there was no actual meal prepared all day.  I’m surely grateful my husband does not base his love for me on the condition of home or food because today I would fail.  a 10-minute pick-up is now in order and then to find something to eat.  I am grateful for many things today but I can’t sit here any more.  there are more interesting posts in my head, really.  perhaps when this week is over I’ll be coherent enough to spit them out.  until then, I’m grateful for the end of crazy days and a peaceful place to crash.

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