Sunday, April 17, 2011


we had a wonderful, busy week with grandma and grandpa robinson last week.  everyone went to bed exhausted every night, most especially grandpa who busied himself solving electrical and sprinkler mysteries in this crazy yard.  beckham was his little sidekick and did not want to miss a trip to home depot.  grandma and grandpa played board games, pushed kids on swings, played baseball, football, tetherball and cleaned the kitchen regularly.  you can only imagine how much they have been missed the past few days!

yesterday cooper and I finished our undefeated soccer season.  in a league where you’re not supposed to keep score… you try telling that to 6-8-year olds.  we had a really fun little team and a great time although I will be glad not to be giving up two evenings and saturday mornings for a while.  I spent yesterday with some in-depth training on doTerra products and was grateful once again to have this blessing in our lives.  D rode his bike and ran his legs for more than 7 hours in a last big push before tapering for St. George iron in a few weeks.  I was grateful that his recovery time was quick and that he is finding as much satisfaction in oils and supplements as I am.

today we’re taking deep breaths and recharging for one more crazy week before things slow down a little.. hopefully.  we have both a music recital and a dance recital, both of which have dress rehearsals involved as well as the regular weekly class.  and swimming is moving into full gear.  we are involved in fun things and are grateful every day for the opportunities that are ours.

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