Wednesday, December 14, 2011

december 14

gingerbread house is done, and looks fantastic. thank you trader joe's. beckham has consumed enough candy to last until next year. he stood up and it came out the bottom of his jammie pants. seneca is meticulous and coop has very unique ideas that test my creativity to make happen.

christmas is done. well, my preparations for christmas are done. almost. I haven't wrapped a single thing for my family but seeing as we are away for the big day this year, and I can not fly with wrapped gifts, that is waiting for now. let the packing extravaganza begin!

I may or may not have gotten out of my loungies all day. loungies are a step up from jammies, but not quite real clothes. but today they were real enough to get me through the grocery store and multiple kid pick-ups and drop-offs. some women can pull off looking great in loungies. I'm not really one of them, but I pretend sometimes.

I think the last wave of christmas cards are going out tomorrow. if you didn't get one and you want to see my pretty face, you'd better let me know.

I'm grateful my children have figured out how to make chess a three-person game. it eliminates a lot of the someone-left-out situation.

it rained for two days straight. really. today we saw the sun. I liked the rain, but I don't like the leaky roof. for some reason we completely forget about it until it's soggy again. gotta get that taken care of pronto. I bet you northwest people who live with rain all the time have super cute rainboots.

and that's all my rambling brain has for you tonight. I'm off to brush 4 sets of teeth. thankfully, Denten can do his own.

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Mallory said...

I love your blog. You are the best--just so darling. I wish you and your sweet family didn't live so far away. denton and I didn't even get a chance to speak Italian. That is genuinely one of my regrets from this summer. haha Love you Miss Amberly!