Monday, December 12, 2011

quick escape

D’s firm Christmas party was Saturday in Santa Fe.  We sweet-talked Lindsay into coming down for the weekend and snuck out of town.  It was quick and low-key.  We spent some time upgrading our phone situation, which has potential to be great once I get through my transitional period!  We found a few new places to eat, including a beyond-fabulous french bakery that serves breakfast and was well-worth the wait.  It is on the top of the list to hit next time!  We enjoyed a cozy room at the Bishop’s Lodge again that just asks you to stay in bed by the fireplace for a long time.  Sleeping in and being lazy with our books was so so nice.  We wandered through the square and hit our favorite market vendors, galleries and shops.  I nearly froze, but it was nice, I suppose, to remember what winter really feels like.  It was amazing to have time over every meal and in between to talk to Denten.  Actually talk, without any interruptions.  It was reconnection time that was sorely needed and greatly appreciated.  Thank you Rothstein for the getaway, and thank you Lindsay for assuring my children enjoyed the weekend every bit as much as I did.

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