Tuesday, December 6, 2011

more stuff to love.


seat heaters


hooded sweatshirts

I have been using all of the above non-stop today and I’m still cold.  How did I ever live in the cold country??  I can not believe my children want to play outside, but more power to them, as long as they Shut the Door!!

Emily.  and Elsie.  What on earth would we do without them??  Bex went to play with Elsie today after school and while I should have been catching up on laundry, mopping the floor or addressing Christmas cards (all of which need to be done before Lindsay shows up), I instead admit to crawling on my bed, grabbing a blanket and going right to sleep.  Bless Emily, it got me through the rest of the day.

Jack.  This little stinker of an elf is actually doing a great job.  He played Connect Four with Dora last night.  He’s also been leaving a little surprise in our advent box each night but last night instead of a toy or treat, he left a little note saying that everybody needed to talk nice.  Oh man, an elf warning.  Serious business.  Two of the three get it.  The little one believes that Santa is bringing him whatever the heck he wants regardless of his behavior.  Hmmm.

Fast airplanes.  and husband texts that make me laugh when I’m missing him most.  Glad he’s on his way home.

Tortellini.  It’s just good.  and the simple act of it sitting in my fridge prompted me to put together a yummy sauce.  (Babe, come home!)

The giggles.  You know, the kind where they just can’t stop?  The kind that could be annoying until you change your mind and decide you’d rather have them happy than any other way?  Seneca starts it and it’s so stinkin’ infectious that the others can’t help but laugh their little heads off.

cookie dough.  chocolate molten cakes from F&E.  treats in general.  don’t worry, I’m being selective.  kind of.


Tutz said...

PLEEEZE - 56 degrees with sun and you are complaining? We are here in 27 degrees with inversion and no one is whinning. Man-up down there AB. McCall isn't Bahama weather ya know. Just a few more weeks and you will be in beautiful, scenic, frigid McCall. And we can't keep turning up the heat. Your mother is having hot flashes, she will have all the windows open. Bring layers....

Emily Malinka said...

first off, I got a shout out and am feeling pretty good about myself right now! Second off, I am freezing too!!! You can blame it on me for praying for it to feel more like Christmas... I think I am feeling it now!