Monday, December 5, 2011


Today I stuffed Christmas cards while my little ones tumbled.  Beckham’s cartwheel is now recognizable and Seneca has mastered the backbend.

Today I made pancakes and smoothies for dinner while Cooper taught Seneca how to castle while playing chess on the computer.  It was amusing to listen to.  Beckham was racing laps around the house looking for a high-five every time he made a pass through the kitchen.

Today I watched my husband make a fire while the littles played chutes and ladders in front of the fireplace.

Today I conducted a lot of business on my phone and was grateful it’s location came to me in the night.

Today I bought dark chocolate covered peppermint jo-jos and now Christmas can come.

Today D leaves for Boise.  He won’t be gone long, but It’s a bummer he has to go at all.  He just got home from spending the day in Flagstaff.  I think he’d just like to be home, but we’re both grateful he has work to do.

Today I have colored Christmas lights hanging around my back porch.  It’s festive out my window while I type.  and do dishes.  I’ve never been a fan of colored lights- I’m a traditional, white kind of girl, but the kids really wanted colored lights.  They got their wish in the backyard.  They are kinda fun back there.

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Katelyn & Wade said...

What I could use is a PHOTO of Bex running around the house looking for high fives.