Saturday, December 3, 2011

today I love:

- my perfect Christmas tree.  real, full, lighted by my husband and decorated by my children.

- seeing my kids on Santa’s lap this morning.

- a Saturday running errands together.

- my amazing husband.

- chances to reevaluate where we’re headed together.

- Christmas miracles.  I’m here to tell you they exist.  Do you want one?  Have you asked?

- answered prayers.

- the magic that fills my house in December.

- the fire in the fireplace.

- my healthy body.

- my happy children.


Mallory said...

What a great list! There's a lot to love about life. I'm glad that you see what's to love about yours. :) I love everything about Christmas time. So I'm glad so much of your list involves Christmas and fam. Agreed.

Lindsay said...

you got a christmas tree??? why did you do this sister?