Thursday, December 1, 2011


Seneca calls her brothers, “her boys.”  Like this morning when she woke up and asked, “did my boys already eat breakfast?”

Beckham keeps changing his mind about what he wants for Christmas.  It is fair to say at this point that he will probably be surprised.

Senny and Cooper don’t have any particular desires.  It’s all about the magic, which is awesome.

Jack, our little elf, is keeping a close eye on things around here… Cooper goes looking for him first thing in the morning and thank goodness he remembered to put something in the advent box last night because Coop sure didn’t forget it was Dec. 1!

The combination of Netflix and Prison Break is proving to be a mixed blessing.  It’s such a great show, and watching it on demand without commercials is fantastic, but it’s too easy to say, “just one more” and have bedtime be pushed back into delirium.  It reminds me of 24 days when it would end and you just couldn’t let it go without finding out what happened next!  It’s not as fast-paced as 24, but more deliberate and keeps me fully engaged. 

We are having a Christmas tree quandary.  We need a big one.  Like, big.  and we want it to be real, but those are expensive!  However, so are artificial big ones… I’m not ready to bite that bullet yet.  Something needs to happen quick… Beckham keeps laying out the tree skirt and putting presents on it… we really need to get a tree!

We have six stockings.  We hung five and put one back in the box.  Today I heard Beckham tell Elsie that it is for our baby that isn’t here yet.  He said it so matter-of-factly.  Won’t it be fun to hang up six?!  Maybe next year.


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How cute of Seneca! I got tricked into watching (and loving) many seasons of Prison Break. We rented the first disk from Blockbuster many years ago and I was under the impression that it was simply a movie. I was rather surprised and disappointed to have my night end on an unsatisfying climax. Enjoy the show!