Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freeze Time: FIVE

Beckham turned five in January.  FIVE.  How did that happen?  Really.  

Wasn't it just last week that we brought him home to meet his still-a-baby sister and big brother?  

He wanted to go bowling for his birthday.  Last year was roller-skating.  He has big ideas.  His first plan was Chuck E Cheese.  I will always do whatever I can to come up with an alternative to that one- but actually bowling was all his idea, and I was ok with that.  

We invited the Haywards and the Camonas... such awesome friends.

Beckham and Ruby

This Miss spent adequate time in front of the hand-blower.  Movie star-like.  Heaven help us.

Dad's still got it.  Like four strikes in a row- got it.  

And then we hit the bumper cars... and I think they were a bigger hit than bowling.

Stella, Seneca, Henry, Chloe, Ruby, Bex, Coop, Kole and Oscar
Such a fun crew!

Home for cake and crazy children running wild in the backyard.  He had a good day.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  

Dearest Bexie,
At age five, you are much too old for me.  You want to be big so badly and I can see it happening all too quickly.  

You are slated to be off to kindergarten next year and while I know you are ready, I am going to be so sad to see you go.  You are my little pal during the day.  I know you are ready for both the academic challenge and the social opportunities, but I am not ready for you to be there- to be old enough to handle all of that.

You will take the skill of making friends with you, and for that I am grateful.  You make friends easily wherever we go.  An hour at the park and you have all the kids on the playground roped into whatever game you and Seneca have created.  You always climb into the car and tell me all about your new friends.  You look forward to any opportunity to be with other people and I understand that desire all too well.  You are chatty and can recount a story with remarkable accuracy.  Your attention to detail has me watching my every step. 

You love to help in the kitchen, more than either of your older siblings.  You want to crack the eggs, measure, stir and cook.  You also want to taste everything along the way.  I'm never very far into creating a meal when you run in with the stool asking how you can help.  You deem yourself a chef and I fully agree.  You also believe that every meal should be accompanied by a treat.  I do not.  You are a treat boy and they are super motivation when on the rare occasion you are presented something you don't want to eat.  

You have done well in Discovery Club this year, excited to tell me all the things you are learning when you get in the car. You have taken off with reading and attempt to sound out anything put in front of you.  You are also very proud of your addition skills.

Bex, you have mastered the whine of the third sibling and are a pro at getting out of assigned jobs.  The flop on the floor, the head thrown back in agony, the "I just can't do it by myself!"  it's enough to have me rolling my eyes and has proven quite pointless, but props for your persistence!  Most of the time, however, you are joy in a body.  You have a smile that lights up your whole face and you are hilarious.  I really can't think of anyone who is more easy-going and pleasant to be with all day long.  You'll get your own lunch, you'll entertain yourself and seem to manage with both quiet time while the kids are at school and celebrating their return every day.  You'll hold the shopping list and tell me what we need next.  You'll entertain your sister, read to and play with her.  You think everything she does is so cute and makes her the smartest baby ever.

I could go on, but the point is that I love you like crazy and can't imagine this family without you.  You were a surprise miracle straight from Heaven and He knew just what he was doing.  You have found best friends in your siblings and joy in your musical and athletic endeavors.  I am beyond grateful for your little spirit. It should also be noted that one thing I love very most is that you have not outgrown the desire for mama's kisses, which is a darn good thing because you get about 70 every day.  Your face is soft and your cheeks just need to be kissed every time I see you.  They are usually accompanied with tickles because hearing you laugh is a sound I will never tire of.  

I love you, Beckham.  You may now stop growing.

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Katelyn & Wade said...

Oh Bexinator,

This made tear up a bit. I can't imagine this family without you or your cheeks either.

PS-I think I see a future with Ruby...